Sukkot is celebrated in Israel in many of the same ways we celebrate it here in the United States. The Sukkah is built, the Lulav is shaken, meals are shared and communities spend time together. See how the Reform congregations in Israel are celebrating the holiday this year!

Celebrating Sukkot in Israel

Top row: The Sukkah; Arts & Crafts ; L’chaim in the Sukkah, all at at Emet veShalom in Nahriya

Middle row: The newest Ganei Haim preschool at the Sidney & Freda Cultural and Educational Center at Kehillat Mevakshei Derech decorate the Sukkah; Kibbutz Lotan’s Grand Eco-Sukkah; Jewish Energy Star lighting in the Eco-Sukkah

Bottom row: Kehilat Natan-Ya’s first Sukkah in their new building; members of Kehilat Shirat HaYam experience the Lulav and the Etrog; the children at Shirat HaYam enjoy coloring Sukkot pictures

Thanks to the Israel Movement for Progressive & Reform Judaism and Kibbutz Lotan for sharing these and other Sukkot photos on Facebook!