Do Good in Israel! Intern with an Exciting Nonprofit

Tikkun Olam intern Sarah works with pregnant asylum seekers and refugees in Israel


Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv Jaffa has just announced the creation of a new opportunity to gain experience interning at a non-profit in Israel.

The Internship program is an exciting way to gain valuable career experience in the non-profit sector by interning for 5 or 10 months with an organization serving disadvantaged communities in south Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

Participants get to work with organizations working towards Arab-Jewish coexistence; advocating for disabled and special-needs populations; and providing services to refugees from Darfur and other parts of Africa.

Tikkun Olam’s Internship Track was designed specifically for non-profit internships.  Tikkun Olam interns get a complete Israeli experience, living directly in the communities they serve; learning about issues facing those communities; and enjoying seminars on social entrepreneurship with different nonprofits all over Israel.

In addition to this critical work, Tikkun Olam interns work directly alongside Israeli peers – Tikkun Olam is the ONLY Masa Israel program where participants live and learn with Israelis!