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Special Funds and Where Does the Money Go

Every month, we publish the names of various funds you may contribute to at Temple Israel; however, many of you may not know how the money for each fund is used and how these donations not only help Temple Israel thrive but also help the greater Palm Beach County community.

Below is a breakdown of each fund and how your gift is a wonderful way to honor someone you care about.

List of Temple Israel Funds:


  • This fund contributes to The Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA). Which is the American Reform movement’s Zionist organization and their mission “endeavors to make Israel fundamental to the sacred lives and Jewish identity of Reform Jews.

Beautification Fund

  • This fund not only keeps TI beautiful, but also allows us to bridge our past with our future. You can see the effects of this fund on the outside of the building – in specific garden areas with our new patio furniture for our congregants to rest and enjoy the great South Florida weather – and on the inside with displayed works of Judaica, our new ballroom chairs, linens, etc. The most recent examples are the framed former Torah covers that are now hanging in the Kraft Sanctuary, allowing our history to be shared with our current members.

Building Maintenance Fund

  • This fund supports the physical demands of our brick and mortar structure. It allows us to make repairs and improvements for a more secure, functioning and beautiful Temple for all who enter our doors.

Continuing Jewish Adult Education for Adults Fund

  • This fund helps TI bring in guest speakers, scholars-in-residence, and host programs at little to no cost to the congregation. It also supports our TI Learns courses and catalog.

Harvey Goldberg Technology/Innovation Fund

  • This fund supports all of TI’s technology needs from software and programs to screens, projectors, computers, etc.

Jewish Education for Youth Fund

  • This fund supports our Religious School and funding for education supplies.

Judaica Fund

  • This fund allows TI to purchase and/or repair various religious and cultural items/artifacts, including our Torahs, Havdallah set, Seder plates, Shabbat candles, and other ritual items.

Kraft Cultural Arts Fund

  • This fund supports our annual Kraft Cultural Luncheon.

Kraft Family Life Education Fund

  • This fund contributes to family programming and education at TI.

Leadership Development Fund

  • This fund makes it possible for TI’s leadership (board members, committee members, and congregants) to receive leadership training both at Temple Israel and at conferences, as well as provide materials for our lay leaders to better serve the TI family and PBC community.

Library/Media Fund

  • This fund supports the physical TI library structure/Media Center and the various books, multimedia, and materials for the space and educational components for the Temple.

Mitzvah Fund

  • This fund supports our congregants in times of need, including birth of a new baby, illness, or a loved one’s passing (examples might include flowers or a shiva platter).

Prayer Book/Torah Commentary Fund

  • This fund helps TI purchase and/or replace prayers books and Torah commentary books.

Programming Fund

  • This fund funds various programs, guest speakers, and meals TI is able to host throughout the year.

Rabbi Olshein’s Discretionary Fund

  • Rabbi Olshein directs the use of this fund. It is primarily used to help congregants in financial need and to fund unfunded programs at TI.

RHS Youth Fund

  • Named after TI’s Rabbi Emeritus, Rabbi Shapiro, this fund provides scholarships and financial assistance to our school age children to attend URJ programs/camps, as well as supporting our youth group/informal youth education activities.

Social Action Fund

  • This fund supports all of TI’s Social Action and Social Justice programs and allows us to make a real difference in our community.

Special Needs

  • This fund allows TI to support various worthwhile causes in our community and within our TI family. It is dispersed where it is needed most.

Tishman Staff Development Fund

  • This fund helps make it possible for our TI staff to receive leadership training both in our community and at conferences, as well as provide materials for our staff to better serve the TI family and PBC community.

Tree of Life Fund

  • This fund supports TI’s operating budget while providing a keepsake in memory/honor of a loved one. A leaf may be purchased for $180.00 and is a wonderful way to mark a special occasion in your family’s life.


  • This fund allows TI to support the needs of our Temple and both our local and international communities.

Vineberg Floral Fund

  • This fund provides flowers on our bimah during our worship services and for special programs.

Warren Canfield Music Fund

  • This fund allows TI to secure guest musicians and singers for the High Holy Days and throughout the year. It also supports the needs of our volunteer choir.


If you wish to contribute to one or more of these Special Funds you may do so with one payment. Please make sure to attach a note or write in the memo line where the money is to be allocated.