Faiths Calling – A Success!

Our cup runneth over! Because of our collective efforts, we flooded the Senate with some 10,000 calls from Americans of faith at precisely the right moment preceding the Senate debate and imminent vote on a bill.

Our success is a testament to the dedication of more than 75 diverse religious denominations and organizations who worked tirelessly to promote Faiths Calling and to encourage their members and congregants to call the Senate.

Among the top recipients of calls during yesterday’s campaign was Senator Toomey (R-PA), who today introduced a compromise bill with Senator Manchin (D-WV) seeking to expand background checks to gun shows and Internet sales (check out the RAC’s press release on this compromise here!). The faith community sent a clear message to Senator Toomey, and that message was heard!

The announcement of this bipartisan amendment is a hopeful step toward eradicating gun violence from our communities, but we will not rest until we have turned our grief into tangible action that brings safety and protection to all Americans.

We are so grateful for your participation in this important call-in day, and look forward to building on our collective success as the gun violence prevention package comes to a vote in the Senate and, we hope, the House.

With deep gratitude and solidarity,


Rachel Laser is the deputy director of the Religious Action Center.