Feb. 4: Interfaith Call-In Day to Prevent Gun Violence

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School has had a profound effect on the national conversation about gun violence prevention. There was something about those 20 children, something about that tight-knit community, some way that Americans from all backgrounds recognized that this tragedy would be the straw that broke the camel’s back. And more than anyone, it has been the faith community that has maintained the moral drumbeat essential to ensuring that the Administration and Congress implement gun violence prevention.

As pieces of legislation begin to be introduced, we must not alleviate the pressure on our nation’s lawmakers. On Friday, as Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) introduced the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013, Rachel Laser said in a statement, “The expedient passage of this bill would mark the next step in ensuring that our children are safe and that another Columbine or Newtown does not again ravage our country.” (See the rest of her statement here).

On February 4, dozens of national religious denominations and millions of faithful Americans will come together to call Congress and insist that they act to prevent gun violence.  Join us for this interfaith call-in day to prevent gun violence at www.faithscalling.com and let your voice be heard.

When you call your Senators and Representative, let them know that you are calling as a member of the faith community, and emphasize those of the policies that you support.

  • Require universal background checks for all gun purchases
  • Ban semi-automatic assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
  • Make gun trafficking a federal crime
  • Improve access to mental health services

Tell them that gun violence prevention laws work!

So on February 4th, join millions of Americans as we ensure that the halls of Congress ring with the voices of the faithful!