Getting Zionism Right

In a column for Jerusalem Post titled “Getting Zionism Right,” Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president emeritus of the Union for Reform Judaism, explains what he sees as the vital message of Zionism – and two major obstacles to reaching that goal. He begins,

As I sat with my family and friends at our Passover sedarim this year, doing what Jews have been doing for more than 3000 years, it occurred to me that the Jewish world continues to get Zionism mostly wrong.

Zionism was created in order to throw off the yoke of subjugation to which we Jews have been subjected for two millenia, but also—and equally important—to provide a venue in which the Jewish people recreates itself.

Zionism is the most powerful instrument that exists to strengthen and revive the Jewish people.

But Zionism, of course, has no existence apart from the Jewish people.  Zionism exists to serve and strengthen the Jewish people, and not the other way around.

And what unites the Jewish people is Judaism, which is the foundation of Jewish existence.