The rollercoaster of life can be a daily challenge; staying on track overwhelming.

Some of us are thrown off by illness – our own or incurred by a family member or friend – a death, a business crisis, financial hardships, family conflict, world events. OY!!! These are moments you may just find it helpful – uplifting, even – to seek the discreet counsel and consoling of a Rabbi. Non-judgmental wisdom can provide the clarity that helps you find solutions and resolutions to the turmoil or issues you face.

Rabbi Salkin also can point the way for you to the kinds of resources available to help you through your particular issue. There’s a vast network of agencies and services out there, and he can guide you in navigating the system to find what’s best for your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to changes in medical privacy laws, hospitals and healthcare providers are no longer allowed to notify religious institutions when their members are under care. And, unfortunately, many people assume that Temple Israel and Rabbi know when someone is hospitalized or sick. So, if you would like someone from TI to call or visit you or your loved one, or if you know of a member we should be checking in on, please do inform us.