by Brad Meltzer

During the High Holy Days, we are often ask to think about the content of our character. Have you stopped to think about how you will be remembered when you die? What will people say about you? What will they think? Were you good? Bad? Did you matter?

Scary questions, right? They’re the ones I had to face directly when a reporter from the Wall Street Journal saw some charity work I had done and said, “That’s going to be in your obituary.”

It caught me by surprise.  I didn’t like people thinking about my death.

But after a year, I got my answer. I asked the reporter to actually write my obituary. I won’t tell you what it said, though you can watch below to see it. I will tell you that after getting reviewed by every major newspaper from the New York Times to my grandmother’s condo newsletter (true), I can still say that there’s nothing like getting a review from your local rabbi.

And so, after 10 books and loads of good and bad reviews, let me share with you the one piece of work I feel has given me the best response from rabbis across the country – a TED talk called “How to Write Your Own Obituary.” Take a few minutes and watch it. I promise, you won’t be able to stop thinking about your own life and how you live it.

Brad Meltzer is the #1 bestselling author of The Inner Circle, The Book of Fate, and six other bestselling thrillers. He is also the host of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on the History Channel and the author of the bestselling inspirational books Heroes For My Son and Heroes For My Daughter.