The holidays are over and Israel is open for business. The relative quiet that characterizes the chaggim has been replaced by the type of chaos that only politics can create. Israel is going to have early elections on January 22, 2013. The Knesset will be dissolved and Israelis will have a chance to vote for a new government. Will the next government be ready to make the hard choices necessary to push forward the changes we need in so many areas of our civil life?

We have made so many leaps forward in the last year, from the recognition of non-Orthodox rabbis to the way we are in the process of turning back the tide of gender segregation. I am convinced that more Israelis than ever before are ready to wake up and send politicians friendly to a pluralistic agenda to the Knesset.

This election IRAC will do everything possible to make our voice heard. We are going to make sure that the core issues that we have been fighting for over the last 25 years become part of the public discourse in this campaign season. From the left to the right, we want to make pluralism an issue that none of the players can ignore.

We need your help as we try to remake the Israeli political landscape. Groups supporting the status quo are numerous and well funded, and we need the resources to push back at their messages with our own. We are not supporting any particular political party; we are going to try to have as many parties as possible include planks in their platforms in line with IRAC’s core issues. The campaign season is short. We have to make every day count.