I know it’s not the sort of thing about which I usually write, but I though the visitors to this blog might find this amusing.  I certainly did  …


For some Yankees fans
A kippah signed by A-Rod
Could be appealing

But they might prefer
To bid on a yarmulke
Signed by Ibañez


Was A-Rod autographing Jewish ritual garb in the dugout as he watched Raul Ibañez win last Wednesday’s game for the Yankees?

Last week I received email notification that the company from which I purchased by Official MLB Licensed Chicago Cubs Kippah,  are selling a Yankees “Pro-Kippah”signed by “super star 3rd baseman Alex Rodriquez”.

They’ve already sold at least one for $300.  So if this is your sort of thing you may want to act fast.

No word on whether or not a Raul Ibañez kippah is in the works.