This week’s parasha (Va-et’chanan) begins with Moses’ recounting of how he pleaded with God to be allowed to enter the promised land.  God does not grant Moses permission, and Moses realizes he will only be allowed to see the land from afar.  He will not be present as the Israelites take possession of the land, overcome the obstacles they find in their path, and settle and prosper.

Rather than despairing, Moses sets about preparing his people and their leaders for the days and years to come.  He reminds the people of their recent history – all the great things God has done for them — and exhorts them to continue to obey God’s laws.  He points out that even their children and grandchildren are responsible   for carrying on this practice.

Moses’ leadership will pass on to Joshua. However, the responsibility to continue to live according to God’s laws resides with the people themselves.

Women of Reform Judaism has always looked to the future in terms of commitment to our ideals and mentoring our current and future leaders.

Many of our sisterhood women are assuming new leadership roles as another fiscal year commences.  There is a wealth of resources available from WRJ in the form of materials and personnel.  We urge your members to take advantage of this to help ensure the continuation and relevance of individual sisterhoods to their communities and to the future of Reform Judaism.

As we begin our celebration of WRJ’s Centennial, let us look forward to a future as illustrious as our past.