Nominate Your Rabbi to Be One of “America’s Most Inspiring”

“[F]or many American Jews, there is no substitute for the penetrating power of a brilliant sermon, or the comfort offered by a rabbi who knew the dying person before she became ill. There is no one else to mold and lead a religious community, to carry on and interpret our great tradition of scholarship, or to stand as a moral lighthouse in this foggy time. No one else to represent ourselves to ourselves, and ourselves to other people.

Which is why defining and sustaining the role of the modern rabbi is one of the most vital challenges before the American Jewish community today.”

These words appear in The Jewish Daily Forward’s recent editorial, “The 21st-Century Rabbi.” Recognizing the power of rabbis to make or break the synagogue experience – and the Jewish experience – for today’s Jews, the Forward is seeking your stories of the rabbis who have had a positive impact on your life. Nominated rabbis must be working in the United States or Canada or, if abroad, on behalf of the military, but they can be working in any rabbinic capacity, be it synagogue, school, summer camp, or elsewhere. Some of these stories will become part of the Forward‘s ongoing series about the state of the modern-day rabbinate and its impact on North American Jewry.

The nominating period will close on February 28th, so what are you waiting for? Make sure your favorite rabbi makes it into the mix! Nominate your rabbi for “America’s Most Inspiring Rabbis” now.