One Eventful Weekend…

This is one eventful weekend! We have the start of Black History Month, Groundhog Day, the Super Bowl, and to top it all off, the first weekend of Jewish Disability Awareness Month. How will we possibly survive all the excitement? What were they thinking when they planned all of this for just a few short days?

Luckily, Jewish Disability Awareness Month gets to spread the love all month long. And, lucky for you, I’ll choose not to overload you today with a blog post packed with 4 events, but just focus instead on one (can you guess which?).

If you haven’t heard already (and, come on, what kind of email lists are you on if you haven’t heard this yet), today marks the first day of Jewish Disability Awareness Month. Go on out and celebrate! We here at the RAC sure are (but that’s probably because there’s also a staff birthday today…) Seriously, though, this is a great month. When else do you have an excuse to just learn about disability rights for 28 days straight? Um, never. And there is so much to learn.

Please allow me to point you to just a few places where you can begin your journey toward knowledge.

  1. The Jewish Disability Awareness Month Facebook page – If you’re not already a fan of them, do it right now. After the literally two clicks it takes to do so, you’ll have set yourself up for a month of learning, even if all you do for the rest of February is check your Facebook feed. Also, they’re really close to chai times 100 fans, so help ‘em out!
  2.  The RAC’s Disability Rights page – Here you’ll find a wealth of Jewish texts relating to disability rights, a quick update on history and statistics, links to other useful pages, and much more.
  3. The URJ’s Disabilities Resources page – Included here are some quick and some not-so-quick ways to make your congregation more inclusive, programs that you can run with your youth groups and adult education classes, pieces to incorporate into Shabbat services, and even a few videos.
  4. Sign up to attend Jewish Disability Advocacy Day on February 12 –  Jewish Disability Advocacy Day is a chance for Hill staff and community activists—like you—to learn about the most pressing issues facing the disability community today, what you can do to take action, and then actually take that action in the afternoon!

Or, if you refuse to learn from any sources other than RACblog, you can check back here all month long, and we’ll have posts about all sorts of current headlines in the disability rights arena—some you’ll have heard of and some will be new.

So, take a breath, I know you’ll be able to get through this weekend. I wish I could say it will calm down this month, but Jewish Disability Awareness Month has some surprises in store for you!