By: Lindie  Henderson

While reading Parashat Eikev in the Women’s Torah Commentary, I learned that there was a second set of tablets placed in a rebuilt ark, written by Moses’ hand from  God’s words. I thought about consequences and opportunities. The inscribed commandments on the tablets and Moses’ spoken message to the people formed his legacy. We each leave our own legacy as we evolve and move through our lives as well.

These thoughts resonated with me because they reflected some recent discussions with sisterhood presidents. Apparently, we may have forgotten the importance of keeping records and passing information forward in our own sisterhoods. This information includes minutes of meetings, reports and evaluations of projects and programs, histories, traditions and stories. How important this knowledge can be to a new leader or committee chair and to our efforts now and in the future!

Maybe, even, legacies will be created in the parting words about accomplishments that current district presidents will present at upcoming district conventions. Acceptance speeches by incoming district presidents will share their visions and goals for the future. Votes on bylaws, elections, and workshops frame our structure and our knowledge base. Everything comes from somewhere or someone and goes to or toward something else, perhaps becoming traditions and legacies that we create together.

Creating traditions that have flexibility for the future and passing forward the knowledge, experiences, resources and other information will guide our futures. Our district conventions and the celebration of Women of Reform Judaism’s Centennial are opportunities to ensure our future and strengthen our legacy – beginning with every sisterhood, informing the work of our districts, and enabling WRJ to continue – stronger together.

May we bask in the glow of our legacies and in the light of the Shabbat candles.


Lindie Henderson is WRJ Pacific District President and a member of Congregation B’nai Israel in Sacramento CA.