Today I took a new route to work.

It might seem like a simple thing. After all, I’ve been driving from the same house to the same synagogue for seven years (that’s how long we’ve lived in this house. I’m actually celebrating my 10th year at the synagogue!). But today I got a little lost.

On purpose.

Part of my 36 Reasons to Say Shehecheyanu project is, in my mind, teaching an old dog new tricks. Not to call myself old (or a dog), but I wanted to shake things up just a teensy bit. Nothing crazy, mind you.

But a new route to work? Just right.

Re-Routing: Trying a New Pathway
Today I drove down a street I’d never taken, and I kept going. I took a right turn instead of a left turn and I just drove around, headed in the right general direction, until I came to the main road.
Re-Routing: Trying a New Pathway
I wasn’t in the car that much longer than usual. But I paid attention. Usually I drive and don’t look around much. After all, I’ve seen it all many many times before. Sure, I look carefully when the fall foliage is at its brightest, and I adore looking at trees covered in snow (well, for the first two minutes of winter), but basically? It’s just my usual drive.

So today….I paid attention. I drove a new way. It was almost like a meditation, looking around and thinking curiously about the homes, the streets, the different path. I didn’t just drive to work. I thought about how grateful I am that I have the ability to go to work, work that I love, work that inspires and fulfills me. All that, just from a change of scenery.

Re-Routing: Trying a New Pathway

Blessed are You, O God, who creates different routes and pathways, and who helps me to see that which is usually the same in a different way, and for bringing me to this day.

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