Religious School



The value of education is deeply rooted in Jewish beliefs. And to gain knowledge about Judaism is key to the perpetuation of our faith and our people. Therefore, Temple Israel Religious School is committed to engage with our youth, from kindergarten age through B’Nai Mitzvah. 

Ours is an innovative model of interactive learning and exploration, where discussions have replaced worksheets and stories and personal narratives become springboards to the pursuit of answers, awareness and discovery. Our curriculum is designed to impart not only the basics of Judaism, but also to foster connections to the synagogue, the broader Jewish community and our neighbors throughout the area. We instill an understanding that Jewish learning leads to Jewish living.

Temple Israel offers a schedule that meets modern family needs. K-7 students meet 15 Sundays each year, allowing time between each session for families to spend together. For those students in grades 4-7, Hebrew study is held each Wednesday where they learn to decode the alphabet and language, build their fluency skills, and find meaning in the prayers of our liturgy.