Shalom TV Features Interview with Anat Hoffman

by Rob Kern

The Shalom TV Channel is premiering a new series that features meetings with some of Israel’s most fascinating and articulate individuals, representing a variety of viewpoints and perspectives in Israeli life.

Titled “Voices Of Israel,” the first meeting is with Anat Hoffman, who is executive director of the Israel Religious Action Center, the legal and advocacy arm of the Reform Movement in Israel and also known to American Jews as the founder of Women Of The Wall, a group of women from every movement of Judaism who seek the right to pray at the women’s section of the Western Wall in Jerusalem in a pluralistic fashion (e.g. wearing tallitot and reading from the Torah).

In a delightful hour of insight and humor, Anat speaks with Shalom TV president Mark S. Golub about her own background (born in Israel, she became Israel’s swimming champion, which won her a scholarship to study at the University of California at Berkeley), how she became involved in the world of social protest, and how she views ultra-Orthodox control of aspects of Israeli life as a challenge to society.

All of the meetings for the series “Voices of Israel” were taped in Israel before a live audience of American Jews who accompanied Rabbi Golub on a Shalom TV mission to Israel.

To see if your cable provider has Shalom TV and for the channel number, search your zip code on this website. Shalom TV may also be viewed “live”on Roku and online on computer, mobile devices and tablets by visiting a special site.

Rob Kern is the director of communications for ARZA.