TI Choir

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Music is integral to Jewish culture – and to Temple Israel, its services and rituals. Adding significantly to the joy, inspiration and meaningfulness of High Holy Days and special Shabbat services is our TI Choir. Voices united in a shared delight of lingering melodies…some familiar and traditional, some new and challenging to learn…enrich our liturgy and worship.

Congregants who enjoy the experience of singing are encouraged to join this group, which also is peppered with two or three professionals at High Holy Days, and every range – sopranos, altos, tenors and basses – is welcome. The time commitment is particularly heavy from early July through most of September, with rehearsals typically held Tuesday evenings, 7-9 p.m. But the rewards of participation are greater than just the music and singing, as friendships are forged and each gathering becomes a fun occasion.

The Rabbi and the Cantor set the tone for our High Holy Day repertoire; David Block is both our Rehearsal Director and Accompanist. To learn more, contact

Tracy Simkowitz, 561-758-8726.

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