Because prayer is a language each of us speaks and hears in a different way, we try to find meaning within the chorus of diverse voices. With his engaging sermons and stimulating teachings, Rabbi Salkin shows us how the lessons from the past are relevant to our lives today.worship

We welcome and encourage congregational participation in our many religious, social and educational programs offered throughout the year.

Temple Israel’s Shabbat celebration begins every week 30 minutes before services with our “Proneg” (our “nosh” before services) to help us wind down from our busy weeks and get to know each other as a community.

Erev Shabbat services are held every Friday night at 6:30 p.m., followed by an Oneg (dessert reception). We invite you to join us for any part of our Friday evening.

Weekly Shabbat morning learning (on either the Torah portion of the week or another topic) takes place each Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m.

Additionally, about once per month, we host a Saturday morning worship service called “Out of the Box Shabbat” at 11:00 a.m.  During this informal worship experience, the Rabbi focuses the readings and discussion on a theme from the week’s Torah portion.  This service is followed by a light Kiddush luncheon for all who attend.


Our services are fully egalitarian (men and women participate equally) and we strive to create a healthy balance between the traditional and the creative. Services are intentionally balanced in Hebrew and English and our prayer book is fully transliterated to be accessible for the non-Hebrew reader.  Additionally, we project all of the words to our prayers on our large screens at the front of the sanctuary. We use both traditional and contemporary melodies to make our worshipers feel at home no matter their background.

We invite you to come and pray and learn with Rabbi Salkin as we celebrate Shabbat and the Jewish holidays together!